Farhad is a beautiful soul and a gifted healer. A sound healing session with Farhad is like being held in a blanket of love – in a space where everything is still – where all aspects of our being align with the pristine energy of the Universe. My heart is grateful for all that you offer.
— Laureen Jan
When I met Farhad, I was looking for a way to manage my anxiety and depression. I had tried meditation in the past, but felt like I needed something else. Farhad suggested that I try sound healing for both its mental and physical benefits. His willingness to listen to me and tailor our sessions to my particular needs made me feel well cared for and helped to improve my mental health. Farhad is a kind and genuine healer, who is deeply passionate and knowledgeable about his practice. I would recommend his sound healing sessions to anyone who has a particular issue they need to work on, or is looking to improve their overall wellness.
— Krista Lewis
I always leave Farhad’s sound healing sessions feeling clearer, brighter, and quite literally ‘tuned in’ and ‘tuned up’. I have felt a ‘rush’ of feel good chemicals during Farhad’s gong baths, where it literally feels like my mind is being washed of doubt and fear. I leave his sound healing sessions with a renewed sense of knowing who I am and a vitalized body. This can last for days.

I have had the privilege of holding space with Farhad with our Restorative Yoga plus Sound Healing journeys. Because of his open, watery heart, he creates a safe place for participants to soften and trust the process, which can be different for everyone at any given time.

Farhad Khan takes his work as a sound healer seriously and continues to upgrade his instruments and his training. His dedication to his calling to assist in the expansion and evolution of his fellow earthlings is inspiring.
— Lindsay Collins, Yoga Therapist

Farhad creates a safe space for deep healing.
It felt divinely guided and Farhad intuitively designed the sessions to be where I was at and what I needed at that time.

I highly recommend Farhad’s private Sound Healing and Yoga sessions. Farhad creates a safe space for deep healing. It felt divinely guided and Farhad intuitively designed the sessions to be where I was at and what I needed at that time. He had me be an active partner in the healing by having me clear in my intention. My personal experience was different each session. I experienced a release both physically and emotionally. I also experienced this feeling of deep calm, expansiveness and connection which to me was a spiritual experience. I felt this subtle but profound shift in my life. A freeing up of spirit. What I really appreciated was the deep healing without getting into my ego’s story. Profound! Words don’t do justice to this beautiful healing experience that Farhad creates. He is truly gifted.
— Ann Slingerland
Sound healing by Farhad has been a path of sacred discovery intertwining harmony into Self and Spirit. I have often come to these healing sessions this past year or more, with superfluous nonsense hammering my mind. However, after an hour of bathing in the sounds of gongs, crystal and Tibetan bowls, koshi chimes, the chaos within vanishes quasi alchemically, leaving me feeling joyous and in deep harmony with the world again. Difficult to truly express my experience in words, but suffice to quote an Ungaretti poem ‘I am illuminated by the immensity.’
— Elide Volpiana
Every time I leave a session with Farhad — whether a private, sound healing or bio mat session — my mind, body and spirit all feel calm, nurtured and rejuvenated.
Since I have started doing private sessions with him, he has helped me tremendously with my health issues. Each session is different and he is always adapting it to how I feel at that moment. He brings fun, laughter, love and support to every class he teaches; one can feel how much he genuinely enjoys sharing his passion for yoga and sound healing with others.
— Jennifer MacDonald
The first time I entered the tranquil Maa Yoga studio and met Farhad for my private and first ever! yoga lesson, his beautiful, warm soul greeted me with open arms and embraced me with his kind and loving spirit. In that moment, he had zapped away the anxiety I brought in with me, and my journey of healing and growth began.

Farhad shares his deeply rooted knowledge of Yoga with a wisdom beyond his years. As well as his enlightening knowledge, his immaculate teachings of the plethora of yoga practices (which were pivotal in my healing), such as breathing techniques, Kundalini dance, chants, and movement...yoga positions...strength training circuits...personal coaching / therapy have guided me on this path of growth, and also allowed me to acknowledge and let go of things that were holding me back. Bonus...core strength and flexibilty!!!

Farhad’s sound healing with the crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, and the Gongs is an out of this world experience! The amazing vibrations and sounds that he creates are relaxing and healing for the mind, body and soul.

I’m forever grateful for Farhad’s caring practice and above all, for his loving friendship.
He is one of the most beautiful beings in the universe!
— Sue Callaghan

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